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Latest Reviews

  1. Derekz
    Version: 2015-01-03
  2. ashish B
    ashish B
    Excellent tutorial. I finally understood a lot of thins which were puzzling me.
  3. hairyMug
    great resource; ties it all together... Thank You!!
  4. FranciK
    Version: 2016-02-15
    Not yet as stable as could be, but a very good all-in-one tool for laser cutting. Stopped using everything else :)
  5. Andre Els
    Andre Els
    Version: 1.5
    Very good, thanks for doing this, very helpful. Once thing I did notice though, the mini bearing 5x10x4.2 in the STEP file, but website says it is 5x10x4. So two of those and the 3.9mm depth of the mini v-wheel and it's about 0.6mm difference ? is the bearing 4mm or 4.2mm ... thanks !
    1. Rob Stehlik
      Author's Response
      Good question! I don't have one of the bearings here otherwise I would measure it. I can't remember why I made the CAD model 4.2mm. I'll find out and let you know.
  6. kaffemannen
    Version: 2014-12-23
    Thanks. Could include the additional support for the MDF plate (if any)
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