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  1. Kyo
    @Buj Another member here owns the cnc now. Wish I had the space to keep all my builds... If I was to redo anything on the Sphinx build it would be the enclosure itself. I should have used a...
  2. Buj
    So you have had your CNC for a while now. Would you recommend anything different in terms of electronics? Is everything stable? Are you satisfied with these drivers?/controller? Thanks for your...
  3. Eric Kiser
    It is a homemade delta printer design, very similar to the delta six project posted on OpenBuilds. 20x40 extrusions all around with extreme v-wheels on carriages, e3d v6 hotend -all 24v running...
  4. Kyo
    @glenaw I went with the Openbuilds HT stepper motors available in the parts store "Here" For a router I went with a Dewalt 611 available "Here" I have been running this spindle for over a year...
  5. glenaw
    Which Stepper Motors will you be choosing? What will you be using for your cutter motor? I want to build a cnc machine as well but there are so many choices for stepper motors it gets a little crazy!
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