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  1. Fernandofm
  2. Milos Cerny
  3. Gary Caruso
    Gary Caruso
    Up and cutting!
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  4. bender
    bender Priit Paat
    Can you tell us about your experience with STB4100 card? Thanks.
  5. Alejandro Mendez
    Alejandro Mendez
    Estoy empezando.... me encanta este tema..
    1. MaryD
      Welcome to OpenBuilds!
      Mar 20, 2017
  6. ooze76
    ooze76 Mark Carew
    Hope and trust you are doing OK.
    I have recently purchased a 2.2kW spindle and VFD.
    With particular interest in the 40 x 40 V-Slot: Is there any chance you might expand the range to include a 40 x 80 V-Slot ?
    Would the standard 80 x 20 and or C-beam be strong enough to cope with the stresses generated by the 2.2 kW spindle?
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      There is the 40x80 C-Beam . From what I can find the 2.2 weighs about 8kg (17lbs) so that is beefy for sure and more then likely overkill for the type of work we do here. But you can never how too much power :D My suggestion is to use 2 C-Beams in parallel on the X axis using the 2 C-Beam XL plates mounted together with a plate for mounting the Z axis.
      Mar 8, 2017
    2. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Really though with a modular system like V-Slot your best is to scour the forum and talk to the guys about ideas they may have as well. All the best with your build. Looking forward to seeing it.
      Mar 8, 2017
  7. chrisyln
    chrisyln Mark Carew
    I have just finished wiring up my CNC and my Z axis is reversed , can this be put right using the software
    or will I have to change the wires
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    2. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Mar 5, 2017
    3. chrisyln
      thanks that helped, no have my z axis working as it should
      Mar 6, 2017
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    4. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Glad to be a help, Have fun with your Build! :)
      Mar 6, 2017
  8. DWA
    DWA Mark Carew
    SIR: I have watched your videos 4, I love them. I am trying to build one like yours, I have the rails, motors, what I would like to get is the NUT BLOCKs, I can not find them.
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Mar 1, 2017
  9. José Hogan
    José Hogan MaryD
    Thank you MaryD
  10. ScottyB724
    ScottyB724 Mark Carew
    I placed an order and it went to pending, then I had to add a cpl things to it so it went back into awaiting fulfillment. First they were quick to respond to emails, but now they won't respond at all. 4 unanswered emails since Friday. I know this isn't the place for this, but since they won't respond to any emails I didn't know what else to do to get some kind of attention brought to this matter.
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Sorry for this delay, the Part Store Team has taken care of this issue and you should be back on track. All the best with your Build.
      Feb 27, 2017
  11. Sirajseid
    Sirajseid Chris Anderson
    Hi.Chris! This is Siraj, a new member from Ethiopia. I am very much interested in your project. am thinking of making a large build size (2500*1500) cutting area. any suggestions from your experience? thanks a lot in advance.
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  12. ashish B
    ashish B Kyo
    Hello Sir. I see that you have plates on sale at ebay. If I were to follow your cutom build thread, are those the only customized parts I need to buy to start buiding ? Do you also offer complete kit minus electrical/electronics ?
    1. Kyo
      Hello Ashish,
      The Ebay plate sets while my design are made by @Chris Laidlaw not myself and are indeed the only custom parts required for a Sphinx build. The rest of the components are off the shelf OpenBuilds components.
      Feb 21, 2017
    2. ashish B
      ashish B
      Thank you . Very encouraged after watching video. This will be my first time build anything this scale even though I build rc helicopters, this is many folds involved
      Feb 21, 2017
  13. ibrahim bayar
    ibrahim bayar JTechPhotonics
    hi iam new to the sıte and ı got problem wıth my laser ı have tryed few thıngs and ı couldnt fıxed pls help ?
    problem 1: ı have updated your versıon of grbl and started usıng then next day ı have tryed agaın axıs change the movement ı have fıxed the axıss goıng wrong except y axis.
    problem 2 : when ıt works prınt ıs not allıgned ıs ıt to do wıth u or machıne?
    my grbl is:
  14. FherraZ
    FherraZ Jason Courtney
    Hey mate, nice looking printer, where can I find the build you used?

    I am talking about the entry you made for the contest
  15. Green Apple
    Green Apple Chris Laidlaw
    sending a message as requested. Erik
  16. Redleg
    Redleg Ryan Lock
    Hello, I am considering buying the Ox cnc from your website, but would love to see one first. Do you know of any in the north east that i could go see?
    1. Ryan Lock
      Ryan Lock
      Hi, Just replied on twitter, saw you already did my suggestion though :)
      Feb 14, 2017
  17. Peter O'Hagan
    Peter O'Hagan Mark Carew
    Hi Mark
    Just finished my first build. The C beam xl. Great kit from the uk supplier ooznest also fantastic support too. Looking to start wiring up so reaching out for some help around the Grbl setting for v3 board and the xl. Also siting and setting micro stop switches and the whole concept of homing! Any help would be really appreciated as looking forward to sending first Gcode
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Hello Peter, congratulations on your Build!
      On the xPRO settings please see the xPRO thread here
      This is where the guys from Spark Concepts (board creators) hang out. They will be glad to help you on your questions. Hope this helps to get you up and running!
      Feb 12, 2017
    2. Peter O'Hagan
      Peter O'Hagan
      Thanks Mark I am on my cyber travels as I post!
      Feb 12, 2017
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  18. Gary Caruso
    Gary Caruso
    V-Rail is in!
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  19. BenJones
    BenJones Simon Rafferty
    Did you ever finish your Delta design? I would love the SW files.
  20. Jan Willem Kooi
    Jan Willem Kooi Mark Carew
    Hello Mark, I am new to this forum and to the CNC world. I love woodworking and want to see if CNC is something for me. Trough you video's and part list, owning a OX is a realistic option. What i find difficult is where to start? I don't have the budget to order everything at once. Do you have some tips how to begin, what to do and not to do? thnx JW
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Feb 7, 2017
  21. Adrianjudy
    Adrianjudy Matt Mathias
    Hey Matt, not sure if you are on here much anymore, but I just found your post about getting a viki lcd working on RADDS, and I thought I would give it a shot. I'd appreciate any help you could offer. I am installing a RADDS board, and would love to order a viki, but don't want to invest in it if I can't get it working. Thanks!
  22. sundale
    Avatar... Robotics are my interest area. Retired, but still enthusiastic in developing something like cnc, iot, arduino...
    1. MaryD
      Can't wait to see your build!
      Feb 6, 2017
  23. Brian Bland
    Brian Bland Mark Carew
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    2. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Thanks Brian, got'em :) Nice job
      Feb 4, 2017
  24. GuyRaynes
    New Style 3d Printer, launching at Maker Fair Newcastle 1-3rd April. looking for partners, investors etc. Recruitment at the fair.
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  25. crispin
    I just finished reading almost all of the 900+ threads in the CNC Router Builds forum.
    1. MaryD
      Wow! You can teach a class now ;->
      Feb 1, 2017
  26. PhotoSgt85
    one build down....so many to go.....
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    2. MaryD
      Can't wait to see more about your Desktop PCB
      Feb 1, 2017
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    3. PhotoSgt85
      I have the CBeam actuators ordered and the 40X40 should be here today. I hope to have something posted sooner rather than later to the build
      Feb 1, 2017
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  27. Jestah
    The Robot Oblivion is nigh
  28. PhotoSgt85
    Any idea how to make this Smoothieboard work?
    1. MaryD
      Jan 31, 2017
    2. PhotoSgt85
      Thank you MaryD, turns out I was over thinking things. I was wondering why my drivers were going to an alarm state but it was just them not being enabled by the Smoothieboard. All working now!
      Jan 31, 2017
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  29. PhotoSgt85
    PhotoSgt85 Moag
    Moag, big fan of your work....I see that you have a CBeam XL with smoothie board and was wondering if you could provide me with your setup parameters as Im running into issues setting mine up. If you could it would be very much appreciated.
  30. kotagi
    kotagi Eric Girard
    Are you still willing to print the parts?
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