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      The start of my light-weight-light performing CNC machine was about a month ago.
      Steppermotors arrived (NEMA 17 size) and I was able to get the Arduino end CNC shield operating them.
      Tested out some software and I think Fusion 360 will be my friend here.
      Sorted out all kinds of Online shops and ordered parts from all around the world.

      Today the packages from England and Denmark arrived. The CBeam profiles and the V slot profiles.
      The rest of the parts will take a bit longer since most of them come from China.

      As soon as I can start assembling this machine I will post a follow-up here.
      1. Special Notes

        This is my first project that involves mechanica. Looking forward. Starting as a Noob I will try to bring this to a succes. Openbuilds is very inspiring :)
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    Reason for this Build

    The reason I am building this is because I was infected by the drone virus. It brought back my interest in building things that are fun. I am planning to build a large hexacopter for aerial photography and filming. This requires a lo of development and the production of specific parts. This machine will enable me to do so. Main goal will be to be able to produce specific carbon fiber plates and parts.

    Inspired by

    the video tutorial of the build of the C Beam machine
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