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      As I've pondered making an OB 500mm gantry CNC, but trying to save money for a good quality steel mini mill like a pre-owned Jet or Grizzly, I saw the OB MiniMill posted last month and just went after it including NEMA 23 motors. I bought a DW611 from Amazon including the plunger, because I will end up purchasing a purpose built spindle and use the palm router for woodworking.

      I spent about 3 hours total assembling the bundle, finishing yesterday, and it was refreshing and calming compared, say, to the intake manifold rebuild and A/C replacement on my BMW Z4 I just finished doing.

      I had researched the smoothieboard v1.1 for a few months and after seeing the Hackaday article about microstepper accuracy, I decided on the Allegro drivers, so the integration of the newer Allegro A5984 and versatility of smoothie for future projects like laser engraving made my mind up.

      So, I noticed today, after going on a shopping spree last night, I ended up with a small issue: the SmoothieBoard only handles 2.0A peak, and the NEMA 23 motors with the OB bundle are 2.8A peak... I assume the overload would have been a terrible mistake.

      Soooo, rather than buy 3 external drivers that won't fit in the enclosure I have, I went for the same Mototech stepper motor design that is sold in 2.0A from SMW3D, model MT-2303HS200AW. So I have the MT-2303HS280AW-OB motors for later, when I build actuators with ballscrews for a 500mm gantry, I'll use them.

      I also decided on 24V for the possibility of running a 300W spindle with it later.

      I am now contemplating my control panel - I will have an e-stop, I will rewire the DW611 to accept an external speed control with LED readout; it will be controlled manually or digitally with a motorized fader out of a sound mixer with the same range of resistance, controlling the speed using software will move the fader (I couldn't find a motorized knob pot that had the correct specs or ability to control the motor/DRO within CNC software, so the slider should be a cool alternative). I like blue LEDs, so there will be many.

      Once the electronics are here and connected, I'll put up a video. Very excited to start testing the capabilities and accuracy to build an even better, more precise machine next.

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    Why wouldn't I??
    Vehicle parts, custom firearm accessories, furniture and decor, custom tooling

    Inspired by

    OpenBuilds MiniMill Mark C
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    1 OpenBuilds MiniMill Bundle http://openbuildspartstore.com/openbuilds-minimill/ Link with 3 NEMA 23 motors (2.8A)
    3 NEMA 23 MT-2303SH200AW https://www.smw3d.com/nema-stepper-motors/ Link NEMA 23 (2.0A)
    1 SmoothieBoard 4x v1.1 -xC https://shop.uberclock.com/collections/smoothie/products/... Link Completed 4x Controller Board
    1 Mean Well 24V 14 LRS-350-24 Switching Power Supply https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013ETVO12/ref=oh_aui_d... Link
    1 AC power socket with fused illuminated switch IEC https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ME5YAPK/ref=oh_aui_d... Link
    1 Spindle LED array http://openbuildspartstore.com/spindle-router-led-light-r... Link Awesome.
    6 Micro limit switches with mounting plates http://openbuildspartstore.com/micro-limit-switch-kit-wit... Link
    1 IEC 6' power cord http://openbuildspartstore.com/6-ft-power-cord/ Link
    0 Link
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