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      This is my build of Niko's (@gianakop) Egg Painter. Special thanks to @Slobberknocker for graciously printing out some parts needed for my build. I am hesitant to post this build log, but perhaps my BOM might be useful to others. Also, it will help me track what parts I end up using. I will update things here when time allows during the build process. If you have any comments, please feel free to discuss. Eddie's Build of Niko's (gianakop) Egg Painter | OpenBuilds
      1. Special Notes

        Please visit the original build of Niko's Egg Painter... Niko’s Egg-painter robot (OpenBuilds) | OpenBuilds Also, please checkout Slobberknocker's build (which my build uses the same printed parts)... Niko’s EggBot (OpenBuilds) | OpenBuilds
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    Seems like an easy project to undertake thanks to having many parts available from OpenBuildsPartStore.com and Shop.EvilMadScientist.com.

    Inspired by

    both Egg Painter builds by Niko and Slobberknocker.
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    1 M8-1.25 x 60mm Hex Head Flange Bolt Link For right holder.
    2 M8 Washer Link For right holder.
    1 M8 Fender Washer Link For right holder.
    1 Compression Spring Link For right holder. I used the Century Spring Corp C-632 (7/16" OD x 1-1/16" L x .041" D or 11.125mm OD x 27mm L x 1.041mm D) that a local hardware store had.
    1 M8-1.25 Nylon Insert Lock Nut Link For right holder.
    1 M8 Lock Collar Link For right holder. Used 2mm Allen wrench for screw.
    1 608ZZ Radial Ball Bearing Link For right holder. This bearing measures 5mm ID x 22mm OD x 7mm W. I used the Hillman 58441-D (.3150" ID x .8661" OD x .2756"). Might add a second one & extra flange washer.
    1 3M Scotch Removable Mounting Putty Link For right & left holders. Will try to use instead of suction cups. Also known as "poster putty", "sticky tack", or "adhesive putty".
    4 M5 Tee Nuts (OpenBuilds) Link For right holder.
    4 M5 x 10mm Low Profile Screws (OpenBuilds) Link For right holder. Used 3mm Allen wrench to tighten.
    1 M5 Lock Collar (OpenBuilds) Link For left holder. Used 2.5mm Allen wrench for screw.
    2 NEMA 17 Stepper Motor (OpenBuilds) Link For left and back.
    8 M3 x 6mm Socket Head Screw (OpenBuilds) Link For mounting motors to left & back mounting plates. Use 4 screws per motor. Used 2mm Allen wrench to tighten.
    2 Self Tapping Screw (OpenBuilds) Link For left motor. Used PH2 screwdriver to tighten.
    1 20mm x 80mm x 250mm V-Slot LinearRail (OpenBuilds) Link For base. I really like V-Slot(TM) stuff.
    4 Double L-Bracket (OpenBuilds) Link For under base on left and right as "feet" . Two L-brackets per side.
    4 M5 x 8mm Low Profile Screws (OpenBuilds) Link For under "feet". Used 3mm Allen wrench to tighten.
    4 M5 Tee Nuts (OpenBuilds) Link For under "feet". I am beginning to wonder if I should get some Ball-Spring Tee Nuts for certain applications.
    1 Spacer Block (OpenBuilds) Link For back motor mount.
    3 M5 x 20mm Low Profile Screw (OpenBuilds) Link For back motor mounting bracket & spacer. Used 3mm Allen wrench to tighten.
    3 M5 Tee Nuts (OpenBuilds) Link For back motor mounting bracket & spacer.
    1 NEMA 23 Motor Mount Plate (OpenBuilds) Link For back (NEMA 17) motor. Fits spacer block better.
    1 NEMA 17 Motor Mount Plate (OpenBuilds) Link For left motor.
    4 M2.5 x 20mm Screw Link For under "board holder". I kinda wanted them a bit long for easy putting together.
    4 M2.5 Nut Link For under "board holder".
    4 #4 x 1/4" Nylon Spacer Link For under "board holder". To drop board below 3d print holders to clear surface components. Seems to be a tad tall, need shorter.
    4 M3 x 10mm Screw Link For under "feet".
    4 M3 Nut Link For under "feet".
    1 EBB Driver Board http://shop.evilmadscientist.com/productsmenu/partsmenu/1... Link Secure under by 3d printed backets. I ordered from EMS in March 2016 and I received the EiBotBoard v.2.3 Motor Controller.
    1 EBB Driver Board Power Supply http://shop.evilmadscientist.com/partsmenu/174-9vps Link This is the 9 Volt 1.5A DC Power Supply the EMS sells. I probably won't buy this, but rather will use one I have laying around fits (center positive 2.1 x 5.5 mm output barrel plug.)
    1 Du-Bro Nylon Hinges Cat. No 116 http://www.amazon.com/DUB116-Nylon-Standard-Hinges-Dubro/... Link For back pen holder. I used this instead of the EggBot Hinge from EMS (EggBot Hinge Set). But might reconsider.
    1 9g Micro Servo Motor (with plastic arm & screws) http://shop.evilmadscientist.com/productsmenu/partsmenu/1... Link For back pen holder. Many compatible hobby RC micro servo motors... Tower Pro SG90, Hextronik HXT900, Fitec FS90 (which I received from EMS), etc.
    1 Little Micro Servo Mounting Screws Link The micro servo motor kit comes with 2 motor mounting screws, but need an extra one for 3 altogether. One to mount motor & two for hinge.
    1 M3 x 10mm Screw Link For back pen holder hinge. Might want a slightly longer screw.
    1 M3 Nut Link For back pen holder hinge.
    1 Aluminum Pen Arm Backer http://shop.evilmadscientist.com/partsmenu/702 Link For back pen holder. I picked this over the 3d printed part. Used 3/32" Allen wrench to tighten set screw. Parallel threaded hold is #10-32 but somehow an M5 screw fit.
    1 M5 x 10mm Low Profile Screws (OpenBuilds) Link For back pen holder, specifically the ALU pen arm backer. Used 3mm Allen wrench to tighten. I want a slightly longer screw so I can add a washer.
    1 #6-32 x 1/2" Thumb Screw Link For back pen holder. Want a better thumb screw than pictured in the build.
    1 #6x32 Nut Link For back pen holder thumb screw.
    1 Fine Tip Sharpie Marker Link For back pen holder.
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