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Warnke CNC Router

Jan 21, 2017 at 3:26 PM
Cartesian Style CNC
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A blend of modular aluminum and steel bracketry intended to yield fine cuts in hardwood and aluminum. An open table concept with a shiftable pin-fixture will allow the operator to shift longer than Y-travel work-pieces, such as doors, along the Y-axis of the table. This machine when fully completed will have a 4' (X) by 2' (Y) by 1' (Z) travel with water cooled VFD spindle motor other cool stuff...I hope. Intentions to also keep it easy to disassemble and transport.


Oct 11, 2014
Cartesian Style Bots
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This is the adult version of the QU-BD juvenile known as their OneUp. It not only uses extrusion framing instead of press board MDF, it is a full sized 8x8 build area w/ABS-Nylon capability. Only the OneUp's single Z axis driver concept is similar. I'm tempted to call it OneUpAdult for marketing.

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